Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Cheesecake Lover

10.10.2012 Brother Birthday
I made 'mua zhi cheese' for him,
put a bit more 'gelatin'
the cheese feel like marshmallow
and the biscuits too less butter became chinese 'mua chi'.
so i name it 'mua chi cheese'

16.11.2012 My Birthday
Brother did chocolate lemon cheese with ginger almond biscuits
lemon cheese with chocolate as decorations
and biscuits made of ginger almond which cover up the cheese feel.
suggestion not to use ginger biscuits but overall taste superb!!

Additional cheesemake made by brother on October for colleagues party:
 Oreo Lemon cheese 

Overall = Conclusion,
Tummy increase, skirts/trousers couldnt pull up!! 

Friday, November 9, 2012


My house tradition CNY reunion dinner.
As request by my mom's dear son,
my mom will cook for him whenever he go back Taiping.
 short beans
 popiah skin
fried onions
homemade chili sauce
bean sprouts
Mixture with 'bang guan'(turnips)
The finished product
at last, with a cup of red wine...
BURPSS, excuse me.