Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Last Day Company Trip to Club Med Cherating Beach

Last Day at Club Med Cherating Beach
We had a closing ceremony in the meeting room.
 That was the moment we shared our stories in Club Med.
Then we will had prize giving, boss speeches and bond our relationship between
2 KL and Penang Office.
Boss gave the organizing committee RM100 gift voucher
to thanks the committee for the hardwork.
This is my first time (non-shopaholic) bought a polo T- Cherating Beach 88
that cost RM119.
Club Med provided us 15% off of every RM100 purchase.
Thanks boss for the souvenir.
Before we headed to lunch,
there was a performance at the swimming pool
We watched and laugh and think back all those memories we had
in the Club Med Cherating.
At last, we have to leave the Club Med with sad and emo heart.
Because next day is working Monday :(
Really have fun and joy at the Club Med Cherating.
Wish to go others countries Club Med to have different experience.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Company Trip to Club Med Cherating 2014 2nd Day

Early in the morning, we went to sunrise yoga.
It is located at the beach side.
 After few years didnt do yoga,
it is very tiring for me!
 Then we had our team building activities at the beach.
While waiting for the team building activities to start,
we had a photo to show our energetic face.
Because normally after the under hot sun teambuiding activities, you can see
exhausted faces and non-smile faces.
After lunch we went to the Zen Space of the Club Med Cherating.
The rules and regulation here is no kids allowed and
it is a quiet space where we are not allowed to talk loudly.
We can swim in the swimming pool or just dip the legs in the pool
I went to beachside again in the evening to enjoy the sunset 
and listen to the sea.
We played and built sandcastles.
Its so wonderful to sit on the sand and view the sunset beach scenery.
After the dinner, we watch the performance in theater
and they prepare a special party at the beachside.
We holding campaign and watching the fireworks at the beach side.
We drank again to end the night.... :)

Monday, September 22, 2014

Company Trip to Club Med Cherating 2014

22nd August 2014
My company organized 3D2N company trip to Club Med Cherating Beach.
We sat 2 buses, 1 from KL office, another from Penang Office.
The journey from KL to Club Med Cherating Beach is about 4 hours.
We depart around 9am and sat 4 hours bus to Cherating~
We stopped by Pak Su Restaurant to have our lunch.
It is a pork free restaurant and its big to cater for our big group of people.
We had 65 person in total~
Once we reached Club Med Cherating, we were welcomed by their G.O.
They will brief us the rules and regulation
and lead us to our room.
Once we get there, we have 1 hour free and easy.
We straight away rush to the first activity - Tree Top Challenge.
We need to put on safety caps and the G.O will teach us the safety.
We climbed and shouted like mad on top of the trees to pass through all the challenges.
The last challenge will be flying fox.
Its fun to go for the Tree Top Challenge.  
After the ice breaking event of the company in the meeting room,
we headed for dinner.
After dinner, we watched the G.O night performance in the theater.
Well, Club Med Cherating provided free flow of drinks so...
after watched the performance, we drank whole night.
Burp,end the night with full of drinks in the stomach XP

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Happy Mid Autumn 2014

Happy Mid Autumn 2014
Jelly Mooncake made by my mom!
Delicious and Addictive~
Wish you all had a great Mid Autumn 2014

Friday, July 11, 2014

My Crazy Way to Release Stress

My brother intro me to play The Sims and I am currently playing The Sims 2.
Its a game that you can control a character and perform something 'crazy' actions that you can't do in real life.
Oppss...that's applicable for me only.
At first, I play like normal people do, just perform same normal life in the game.
But soon, whenever I stress up in life, 
I started to play something "exciting" and "fun".
Its not good for kids yooo....
I picked a old uncle character, and make him to a "playful" old man.
During my work project, I am so stressed up, 
so I make my old man in a relationship with 5 person in 1 night.
In the photo, you can see he has "love" relationship with 4 person.
3 girls and 1 guy!
Actually I play until 6 person in love for now.
It is so exciting to keep flirt with a person until fall in love 
while you are not get caught by other lovers.
I felt like I am going to ruin my real image after I type these sentence.
Its a game, don't so serious! Its not a real life *finding excuses*
Actually is a good game as you can organize your own person,
every character will have a target in the lifetime,
example to be success in career, personality, relationships, or family.
Then there were few targets for you to perform actions fulfill the achievement.
I played for few years that they pass the normal life to fulfill those targets.
Is time to play something "crazy". So I already played few characters 
where 1 character has 20 lovers, 1 character has a ghost wife,
another character has a ghost children.
The one that I haven't try is to have a alien baby.
It sound crazy right.
Its a good game for me to release my stress through those characters.
Lastly, I confirmed with my parents that
I can differentiate which is real life and games.
I will perform craziness in the games while I will be normal in real life.
Life can be so fun with 20 lovers! game..hahahaha

Monday, June 30, 2014

Allianz Pacer Color Run 2014

Its Allianz Pacer Color Run 2014
It is held at Putrajaya.
 Before the run, we are pure white and clean.
They provided us a packed of color powder.
We threw up the sky when we start running at the starting point.

Every km there will be person in charge to splash the color powder to our shirt.
There will be 7 colors for 7km run.
Its only cost us RM12 for registration fees.
And we are having max fun during the color run.
 We became colored girl after the run.
Will definitely join again next year for this color run! :)

Friday, June 20, 2014

Kenny Rogers Chicken Run 2014

Its my first time go for a run with housemates.
Its Kenny Roger Chicken Run 2014.
This chicken run provided us a great goodies bag.
Inside the goodies bag contained 2 100 plus drinks, 1 free Kenny Rogers meal,
2 Starbucks voucher, and a lot of sponsored items.
We need to hold an egg and run.
How to hold an egg to run?
They provided an ice cream cone to hold the egg.
Well, I have a sickness, hyperhidrosis.
My hand will sweat 24 hours per day (joking, i believe at least 18 hours )
I have a pairs of easy sweating hand palms and leg palms.
So my ice cream cone melted before I ran, 
I just hold it for 15 mins and it melted because of my sweat!

Me and my dear housemate walking on the LDP (Main highway),
oopsss other people running and we both walking..hahaha
After the run, we had a group photo!
Yeah success run finish 4km+ and the egg survived.
I set 10 seconds timer for the camera and the 2 guys gave the camera this look ( >.< )
Forget to mention that we have free 1 day access to Sunway Lagoon Theme Park after the run.
That is why we joined the chicken run..muahaha
We happily enjoy ourselves in the theme park after the run and play till max tired.
Its a great event for whole family to join the Chicken Run and free ticket to Sunway Lagoon Theme Park after the tiring run!

Friday, June 13, 2014

Fireworks From My House Balcony View

Last Post is about sunrise view.
This post is about fireworks view.
Every Big Event, there must be fireworks in KL.
I remember during the 8th day of CNY,
every degree of my house balcony view full of fireworks.
But I didn't capture panorama view of the fireworks.
These are some photos taken during New Year Day.
Quite Enjoy view those fireworks right in front of the house.
Wish to go Japan for the fireworks festival!

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Sunrise From My House Balcony View

I love to see sunrise view when I go travelling.
Human are like that, never appreciate things/view in front of our eyes.
Recently have to wake up early to fetch my cousin to school.
Very surprise to see fascinating sunrise from my house balcony.
 There are moon and stars in the sky.
And I saw the sun start crawling up to the sky.
Chinese saying, sunset cant stand long, very fast turn to night.
I would like to say, sunrise too!
I learnt a great lesson, not necessary must see sunrise during travelling,
everyday take a look from house in the morning .
You will find beautiful sunrise to brighten your beautiful day :)

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

The Speed of Skybus

Last 2 weeks, I sat Skybus from LCCT to 1U.
Then I saw the poster there wrote:
The bus controlled by GPS system 90kmj.

The bus driver will drive 90? Unbelievable...
So I open my Waze to track the speed of the bus.
Its 80 something kmj and it maintained for quite long time.
I am quite surprised and its real.
I am apologized for not believing the bus driver.
So from today onwards, Skybus will be driving on road with a safety speed.
I am not advertising and I felt that the bus really safe than previous.
p/s safe than I drive...hahahaha

Friday, May 16, 2014

Alternative Way to Cut Mango

Today just gonna post how to cut the mango.
My housemate taught me the way to cut the mango.
I prefer peel/cut away the skin of mango and cut the mango into slices to eat.
But my housemate taught me another way, maybe you can use this way:
Cut both side of the mango without peeling away the skin,
then cut into cubes, the cube will be show like below:
 Push the side of the mango, the cubes will be open up like the pic
Then eat cube by cube. hahaha

Friday, May 9, 2014

Tea Time - Egg Tarts at Ming Xiang Tai (名香泰)Penang

Last weekend went to George Town Penang.
We rent bicycle RM8 per day.
Need to return bicycle by 5pm.
I went to the rural streets arts for few times and I am not interested to capture photos anymore.
So we just ride the bicycle around the town.
Its a little bit 'scary' to ride bicycle 
because the streets full of tourists(like me), motors, narrow roads...
We went to Ming Xiang Tai (名香泰)for egg tarts.
 We bought the fetal chrysanthemum goji tea
because we felt so hot after the ride.
 We ordered egg tart for tea time. The cashier told my friend that need to wait 1 hour.
But the cashier spoke wrongly: 1 mins.
Then we bought already only found out, but at last waited for half and hour only.
While waiting for the egg tarts, we discussed the destination of our ride.
No destination and riding bicycle without directions really miserable.
Its hot weather and busy traffic.
Back to topic, the egg tart is nice when hot.
I forgot about the price ~ hehehe 
You can try other thing as commented in foursquare but I did not try it out yet.

Ming Xiang Tai(名香泰)
26 Gat Lebuh Armenian ( at Lebuh Victoria ) 
George Town Penang

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Penang Cecil St. Wet Market & Hawker Stalls

Last weekend I went to Penang to find my Taiping Friends.
My friend brought us to Penang Cecil St.Wet Market & Hawker Stalls
a.k.a 七条路巴刹
Its located at Lebuh Mcnair, George Town.
They had quite a variety of food choices.
We order duck meat koay teow. Quite good taste.
We ordered curry mee. Its normal and not very very tasty. 
Actually I checked foursquare and ordered the food according to the comments in foursquare.
You can refer to foursquare and order the foods according to those comments.
I think this place is quite a lot of choices if you are around the town and don't know where to go.

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Homemade Burger as Lunch

Today I would like to bring my own burger lunch to work.
I cut my homemade bread into slices.
The homemade bread made using breadmaker.
Then I cut the cucumber and cheese and placed on the bread.
 My mom knew I will prepare own lunch to work recently.
She cooked soy sauce meat for us.
I kept the meat in the refrigerator.
I steam the meat and steam the vegetables.
 Then I fried 2 eggs and cut into half.
Place the vegetables, egg, meat, cucumber, cheese together.
I did not refill tomato stock. So tomato missed out in this burger.
2 burger for brother and 2 brother for me.
I asked brother to add the tomato/chili sauce himself.
I am so satisfied with this lunch as rice/noodles everyday are bored to me.
Easy to do and homemade will be healthier than outside burger.
Happy Lunch :)