Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Cleaning Job during CNY

Everyone busy cleaning their house for Chinese New Year,
Being a worm crawling on the bed without doing any cleaning,
the reason is I am not in Taiping,
KL house if decorate new year environment but we whole week will be in Taiping,
So? Save up the decoration job and energy to wait this coming weekend,
because this coming weekend when back to Taiping,
is time to have short and fast cleaning.
The good thing is I can rest for the 'front' cleaning job this year,
the bad thing is I gonna have 2 days tiring cleaning job before the CNY,
So is a good thing or a bad thing?
Whateva, because it is CNY~
So wish every1 have a Prosperous Chinese New Year,
Well, have to take care of body coz CNY most easily to get the 'sick' ang pao,
we have to shoo away sick ang pao and get a healthy and prosperous ang pao!!!
HUAT AR~~~!!!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

From an Early Bird become an Angry Bird

Yesterday night with a tired face,
I slept at 10pm( the most earliest time to sleep after uni life).
I am so excited to sleep at 10 because the next day will be extremely energetic because of enough sleep.
While I am sleeping sweeeetly until 3.30am,
I heard noises outside my room.
My house is an apartment and my room's window is facing inside the building which face the other houses in the apartment.
And what I dislike this apartment is that there are many foreigners staying inside,
those foreigners is not from Paris or Europe or Germany,
is from Vietnam girls wearing sexy clothes everyday!
Back to 3.30am, I heard those "foreigners" quarrel and fighting!
and there is a guy also talk Vietnamese "helping" the quarrel!
It was so like PASAR MALAM!
Great, I sleep early and 3.30am I was like Oh no, I couldn't feel asleep anymore.
From a happy mood because I sleep early,
and those ppl ruin my energetic and happy mood in just a night(a moment).
and this morning I am just as tired as yesterday.
Well, I will sleep 11pm or 11 something tonight so that I wont be awake in the midnite anymore~
Those ppl are such a wet blanket!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Salute to working mom

Before I sleep,
I gonna share the feelings of my first week work in KL(away from hometown).
I am staying in brother's house(means our own house).
I am out to work at 8.15am (9-6pm) and jam the whole way back to home,
reach home at 7pm.
For healthy *and save money purpose, I have to cook the dinner.
Cooking dinner have to think about brother whether "like" to eat or not,
after dinner already 8 something or nearly 9.
Take a bath and online for a while and is time to bed.
I suddenly feel that....
I am superb respect to those working MOM!
Have to work from sun rises till endless....
Go for work, back home cook for husband and children,
make sure their stomach are filled with healthy and enough food,
have to do all those housework,
have to manage every housework and family in a good condition.
There are lots of responsibilities to become a good mom, good worker, good wife.
There are much I need to learn and manage...
I can't imagine all those...
lastly, SALUTE to those working mom!

*Love Life, Love Dad & Mom & Family*