Wednesday, May 21, 2014

The Speed of Skybus

Last 2 weeks, I sat Skybus from LCCT to 1U.
Then I saw the poster there wrote:
The bus controlled by GPS system 90kmj.

The bus driver will drive 90? Unbelievable...
So I open my Waze to track the speed of the bus.
Its 80 something kmj and it maintained for quite long time.
I am quite surprised and its real.
I am apologized for not believing the bus driver.
So from today onwards, Skybus will be driving on road with a safety speed.
I am not advertising and I felt that the bus really safe than previous.
p/s safe than I drive...hahahaha

Friday, May 16, 2014

Alternative Way to Cut Mango

Today just gonna post how to cut the mango.
My housemate taught me the way to cut the mango.
I prefer peel/cut away the skin of mango and cut the mango into slices to eat.
But my housemate taught me another way, maybe you can use this way:
Cut both side of the mango without peeling away the skin,
then cut into cubes, the cube will be show like below:
 Push the side of the mango, the cubes will be open up like the pic
Then eat cube by cube. hahaha

Friday, May 9, 2014

Tea Time - Egg Tarts at Ming Xiang Tai (名香泰)Penang

Last weekend went to George Town Penang.
We rent bicycle RM8 per day.
Need to return bicycle by 5pm.
I went to the rural streets arts for few times and I am not interested to capture photos anymore.
So we just ride the bicycle around the town.
Its a little bit 'scary' to ride bicycle 
because the streets full of tourists(like me), motors, narrow roads...
We went to Ming Xiang Tai (名香泰)for egg tarts.
 We bought the fetal chrysanthemum goji tea
because we felt so hot after the ride.
 We ordered egg tart for tea time. The cashier told my friend that need to wait 1 hour.
But the cashier spoke wrongly: 1 mins.
Then we bought already only found out, but at last waited for half and hour only.
While waiting for the egg tarts, we discussed the destination of our ride.
No destination and riding bicycle without directions really miserable.
Its hot weather and busy traffic.
Back to topic, the egg tart is nice when hot.
I forgot about the price ~ hehehe 
You can try other thing as commented in foursquare but I did not try it out yet.

Ming Xiang Tai(名香泰)
26 Gat Lebuh Armenian ( at Lebuh Victoria ) 
George Town Penang

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Penang Cecil St. Wet Market & Hawker Stalls

Last weekend I went to Penang to find my Taiping Friends.
My friend brought us to Penang Cecil St.Wet Market & Hawker Stalls
a.k.a 七条路巴刹
Its located at Lebuh Mcnair, George Town.
They had quite a variety of food choices.
We order duck meat koay teow. Quite good taste.
We ordered curry mee. Its normal and not very very tasty. 
Actually I checked foursquare and ordered the food according to the comments in foursquare.
You can refer to foursquare and order the foods according to those comments.
I think this place is quite a lot of choices if you are around the town and don't know where to go.