Thursday, December 6, 2012

Taking a long leave

Next week I am going to take whole week leave
heading to Langkawi and Koh Lipe Island, Thailand.
One month ago, plan to diet up the tummy
in order to wear bikini,
One month ago, plan to take care of my face
in order to 'pikat' beach boy,
One month ago, imagine all those beach boy will be handsome and cool,
*photo taken in Batu Ferringi beach*
my 2 best girl fren say better imagine no handsome cool beachboy
in order to not have BIG dissapointment,

At last, what I can do is bring my double round tyre tummy,
and a tired face,
heading to the no handsome cool beachboy beach.
blaaahhhh SO WHAT,
life is short, just go there and release stress
and enjoy till the max,
enjoy the chocolate, sunset, beach, sand and sun~
Happy December Holiday
Be positive and Have fun~~!!!!!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Cheesecake Lover

10.10.2012 Brother Birthday
I made 'mua zhi cheese' for him,
put a bit more 'gelatin'
the cheese feel like marshmallow
and the biscuits too less butter became chinese 'mua chi'.
so i name it 'mua chi cheese'

16.11.2012 My Birthday
Brother did chocolate lemon cheese with ginger almond biscuits
lemon cheese with chocolate as decorations
and biscuits made of ginger almond which cover up the cheese feel.
suggestion not to use ginger biscuits but overall taste superb!!

Additional cheesemake made by brother on October for colleagues party:
 Oreo Lemon cheese 

Overall = Conclusion,
Tummy increase, skirts/trousers couldnt pull up!! 

Friday, November 9, 2012


My house tradition CNY reunion dinner.
As request by my mom's dear son,
my mom will cook for him whenever he go back Taiping.
 short beans
 popiah skin
fried onions
homemade chili sauce
bean sprouts
Mixture with 'bang guan'(turnips)
The finished product
at last, with a cup of red wine...
BURPSS, excuse me.

Friday, October 26, 2012

21 October 2012 - Sunday

21 October 2012 - Sunday
Bird Cafe, Bandar Manjalara, Kepong

Tea Time
KL House

D'Fortune Western, Bandar Manjalara, Kepong

Friday, October 12, 2012

Company Trip ExploreRace 2012

16th September 2012
Company organized a teambuilding trip in Penang.
We outsource the teambuidling explore race to a company named Dynamic Resource.
And we had a tiring but exciting race and built up the bonding between colleagues.

First we had the clue for teo chew temple and need to complete the task given.
We need to pass the 'acid river' with few piece of woods.

2nd Station is the Fort Cornwallis
Spider Web

3rd Station is the Syed Alatas
The ping pong ball had to go through all the PVC channel in the shortest time.

4th Station is Dewan Sri Penang 
We have to go through the rope every spin. Must not have empty spin and every member must go through it include the one that hold the rope.

5th Station is Cheah Kongsi
This is the most tiring because we stand under the HOT sun and pass the water through small components and need to fill up a pail.

6th Station which is last station is the Chew Jetty
We have to take out the eggs from a 'volcano' box without rolling out the eggs and with only one rope.

We walk from 10am - 4pm. Walking around the Heritage of Penang and...
It is super tiring but cool, fun, exciting experience we ever had.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Appreciation Dinner for Company Trip Committee

Last Wednesday, Boss treat us a dinner for appreciation for being committee for the company trip.
We had the dinner at Unique Seafood PJ23.

This really unique for me this 'Kampung Kid'.
Ms.yap intro us a special dish that I have not heard before.

Canada Geoduck that cost rm328 per kg.
At first I am wondering are we going for duck?
Geoduck is one kind of clam and geoduck means for 'dig deep'.
It can be eat whether by raw or cook with the soup with three counting '1,2,3' and eat it!
It contains sweetness in the meat~! woootssss

Then we had other dishes with rice such as fish, prawn, taufu and vegetable.

and deserts

At last we had our group photo with boss.

Thanks boss for the treat! :)

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Morning Before Work and After Work

Sometimes we often get advised to control our emotional wisely.
But living in KL,
early in the morning,
wake up and going to take my towel to have a morning bath happily,
and look out from the house-->

Just like the 'typican malaysia driver' youtube video,
When I got up the car, will start to drive like mat rempit in order to get to workplace.
And the emotional - Tense and Merebut-rebut with other drivers...
When i get back to Taiping..whenever drive relaxing and smooth traffic.
Whenever jam, radio is the best confort, listening to songs will cure the depress, anger, and cool down yourself.
P/S after driving in KL, found out my bad temper, everyday scold the other drivers in the car, in order to release the tense :P

Friday, June 8, 2012

Take a rest and feel... HUNGRY!!

Everyday rushing for programss...
After having a hard time to do programs,
finally today have a half day to rest from those coding,
decided to read some of the best blog,
once open my ex-intern colleague blog,
they baked a lot favorite,
they made a lot favorite,
my table full of my saliva,
well I am going to show my brother,
and with "the puss in boots eyes"

U see they bake a lot of nice food...
U want to bake for me as well?
if brother doesn't accept my eyes...
turn to PaPa!
papa sure will accept my eyes and suggestion
and feed fat fat me :P

Monday, May 14, 2012

I am Married! But to Who?

Writing a program until crazy and suddenly think of something:
A Programmer Life
I am married.
Marry to Laptop.
The first thing morning wake up is look at 'him'.
Before I sleep I also will kiss good nite to 'him'.
When I go out, I miss 'him'.
After my boss scold me, 'he' is the one who accompany me.
After I left home to work far from hometown, 'he' is still the one who accompany me.
When I boring, 'he' is the one entertain me.
When I feel like want to listen to music, 'he' sing to me.

Now I am giving birth to 'his' children,
Our children(program) if educated well, everyone love our children.
Our children(program) if educated normal, everyone just normal communicate with it.
Our children(program) if educated poorly, everyone dislike it.
Well, this showed How Great a Mother Love is.
Well, i just suddenly imagine those nonsense thing while writing a tough program.
Wish everyone Happy Mothers' Day! I know how great a mother love through my "husband"
Just Kidding :P

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Say Good Words, It might brighten others day!

When I finish a small task,
I send email to my partner,
and get a reply with thats great :)
Then, finish another small task,
get a reply with perfect :)
So I try to my colleague,
when she finish a task,
I say to her Good job :),
Then after finish whole task,
I say to her Well done :)
I try on her because she currently facing problems in work,
when I say those to her,
she seems like have the same feeling with me,
we both feel very happy and grateful!
I found out we seldom get praise,
If we do a simple thing, such as sweep floor,
people will think that is your responsible,
If you get praise say that good job! 2moro improve this will be better!
For sure 2moro, will sweep floor with happily feeling and excited!
This is the first simple things I learn start from now,
Say Good Words, It might brighten others day!
just like Give a smile, it might brighten a stranger day!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Boss(Company) Treat v2

continue to the previous post,
not many photos I taken coz SHY..hahaha
The first day I enter the company,
they had welcome lunch for the new comers,
I had lunch in a Chinese restaurant with boss and other new comers.
Then before Chinese New Year, they had a company reunion dinner which held in Tropicana Golf Club Resort.

Then after Chinese New Year we had a CNY lunch(lou sang) in Restaurant Sri Siam.
The next party was the last tuesday Office Warming Party lunch which serves dominos and chatime.
The last Thursday boss go eat lunch-wan tan mee with 9 of us. He treat us again...I tercuri saw the receipt is rm81.40. 10 of us ate RM81.40 char siew wan tan mee.
Then....last Friday office held another office warming party dinner to welcome all those in client side to come back...
We had high class nasi lemak, fruits, desserts for the party...
I only join for 2 months and burrppppp....
Fat again.
After ate so much, is time to work again with full energy...

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Boss Treat

Last Tuesday company move up to a new office upstairs,
and director of KL Branch held a warming lunch.
They order domino's pizza and put in the boardroom for us to eat.
After lunch we like feeling want to drink chatime,
asking who want to order because more than 8 cups available for delivery.
Finance Manager walk into the training room and ask us:
Boss say belanja Chatime, who want?
We all ordered happily and tadaa......
14 cups of Chatime!!
Boss belanja~~
one cup large and add pearl cost rm7.90.
What can I say, Thanks Boss!!

Monday, February 20, 2012

Before and After Make Up

I often watch those Taiwan show and saw those girls having small eyes and
"Ta Daa" using those cosmetic change to big eyes.
I never expect it happen to me one day...

My housemate girlfren is a make up artist.
She help me make up one of my eyes and
I become 1 big eye and 1 small eye
She only help me make up 1 eye only,
what if the whole face, I cant imagine Who will I become,
I start to believe the saying:
This world no ugly woman, only has lazy woman.
Well I am the lazy one...hahaha~~

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Shopping Like a Mom

I cook dinner most of the time after I started work.
On the valentines day, i decided to go out eat dinner with my brother.
Then, we went for Tesco to have a "ingredient" shopping,

my brother went to other section far from me,
and I was in the vegetable section buying vegetables,
den my brother called me and asked want to buy which brand of milk powder.

I asked in the phone:" our house milk powder finished?!"
Then in front of me an aunty LOOKED at me and the trolley body,
My hearts whispered: Ok aunty, i do look like an aunty but u no need look at me that way~~
I start to feel like I shopping like a MOM and not a girl anymore,

young girls trolley should be junk food and those maggi mee,
while me buying all those vegetables, fruits, and milk powder...hahaha~~~

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Cleaning Job during CNY

Everyone busy cleaning their house for Chinese New Year,
Being a worm crawling on the bed without doing any cleaning,
the reason is I am not in Taiping,
KL house if decorate new year environment but we whole week will be in Taiping,
So? Save up the decoration job and energy to wait this coming weekend,
because this coming weekend when back to Taiping,
is time to have short and fast cleaning.
The good thing is I can rest for the 'front' cleaning job this year,
the bad thing is I gonna have 2 days tiring cleaning job before the CNY,
So is a good thing or a bad thing?
Whateva, because it is CNY~
So wish every1 have a Prosperous Chinese New Year,
Well, have to take care of body coz CNY most easily to get the 'sick' ang pao,
we have to shoo away sick ang pao and get a healthy and prosperous ang pao!!!
HUAT AR~~~!!!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

From an Early Bird become an Angry Bird

Yesterday night with a tired face,
I slept at 10pm( the most earliest time to sleep after uni life).
I am so excited to sleep at 10 because the next day will be extremely energetic because of enough sleep.
While I am sleeping sweeeetly until 3.30am,
I heard noises outside my room.
My house is an apartment and my room's window is facing inside the building which face the other houses in the apartment.
And what I dislike this apartment is that there are many foreigners staying inside,
those foreigners is not from Paris or Europe or Germany,
is from Vietnam girls wearing sexy clothes everyday!
Back to 3.30am, I heard those "foreigners" quarrel and fighting!
and there is a guy also talk Vietnamese "helping" the quarrel!
It was so like PASAR MALAM!
Great, I sleep early and 3.30am I was like Oh no, I couldn't feel asleep anymore.
From a happy mood because I sleep early,
and those ppl ruin my energetic and happy mood in just a night(a moment).
and this morning I am just as tired as yesterday.
Well, I will sleep 11pm or 11 something tonight so that I wont be awake in the midnite anymore~
Those ppl are such a wet blanket!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Salute to working mom

Before I sleep,
I gonna share the feelings of my first week work in KL(away from hometown).
I am staying in brother's house(means our own house).
I am out to work at 8.15am (9-6pm) and jam the whole way back to home,
reach home at 7pm.
For healthy *and save money purpose, I have to cook the dinner.
Cooking dinner have to think about brother whether "like" to eat or not,
after dinner already 8 something or nearly 9.
Take a bath and online for a while and is time to bed.
I suddenly feel that....
I am superb respect to those working MOM!
Have to work from sun rises till endless....
Go for work, back home cook for husband and children,
make sure their stomach are filled with healthy and enough food,
have to do all those housework,
have to manage every housework and family in a good condition.
There are lots of responsibilities to become a good mom, good worker, good wife.
There are much I need to learn and manage...
I can't imagine all those...
lastly, SALUTE to those working mom!

*Love Life, Love Dad & Mom & Family*