Friday, July 11, 2014

My Crazy Way to Release Stress

My brother intro me to play The Sims and I am currently playing The Sims 2.
Its a game that you can control a character and perform something 'crazy' actions that you can't do in real life.
Oppss...that's applicable for me only.
At first, I play like normal people do, just perform same normal life in the game.
But soon, whenever I stress up in life, 
I started to play something "exciting" and "fun".
Its not good for kids yooo....
I picked a old uncle character, and make him to a "playful" old man.
During my work project, I am so stressed up, 
so I make my old man in a relationship with 5 person in 1 night.
In the photo, you can see he has "love" relationship with 4 person.
3 girls and 1 guy!
Actually I play until 6 person in love for now.
It is so exciting to keep flirt with a person until fall in love 
while you are not get caught by other lovers.
I felt like I am going to ruin my real image after I type these sentence.
Its a game, don't so serious! Its not a real life *finding excuses*
Actually is a good game as you can organize your own person,
every character will have a target in the lifetime,
example to be success in career, personality, relationships, or family.
Then there were few targets for you to perform actions fulfill the achievement.
I played for few years that they pass the normal life to fulfill those targets.
Is time to play something "crazy". So I already played few characters 
where 1 character has 20 lovers, 1 character has a ghost wife,
another character has a ghost children.
The one that I haven't try is to have a alien baby.
It sound crazy right.
Its a good game for me to release my stress through those characters.
Lastly, I confirmed with my parents that
I can differentiate which is real life and games.
I will perform craziness in the games while I will be normal in real life.
Life can be so fun with 20 lovers! game..hahahaha