Tuesday, June 28, 2011

No Time?

Today I suddenly have the sad feeling on my time management.
Think back when I was in standard 4,
I asked my mom: Mummy, Can I play computer games for 1 hour Today?
My mom replied me: Yes, you can.
I still remembered clearly that was Friday.
I play computer games for 1 hour on every Friday.
Other time will be homework + sports + tuition + school.
That year I had flying colors for my result, superb good.

But....Since Internet + Handphone + Laptop + Drama streaming came into my life.
The time management become so poor.
I saw (my friends)--> me stick to the Facebook, twitters, dramas, animations, MSN, Skype;
some stick to the handphone(SMS and chatting), laptop games, and other entertainment devices(PSP and etc),
then until last minute only shout:
Stress, not enough time to do assignments, final year projects;
Stress, not enough time to study for mid terms or finals;
Stress, not enough time to do homework(tutorial).
Am I the one? Yes, I am including too!!

Can I turn back into the life of early sleep, early wake up, a normal student life that study, do homework, assignments, projects, and go for sports to build up stamina, passing through a Healthy Life?
With Internet, Laptop, Entertainment devices, Handphone--> Smartphones, Fast food,
what life will be a "new generation youth" passing?
Answer provided is poor time management and unhealthy lifestyle.
I think I should start to control myself and start to change to have a better life~~

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Where is my Fate(Destiny)?

Today I read an interesting story from a book
and I would like to share with everyone.

A young boy is not confident with himself
and often find many fortune teller to ask about his fate.
One day, he found a Buddhist Monk and he ask him:
Is there any fate in this world?
The Buddhist Monk told him :"Yes."
The young boy shouted :"Oh no, then my fate is to be poor forever."
The Buddhist Monk told the boy to show him the right hand palm.
The Buddhist Monk point to the hand palm and said :"This line is for Love, This Line is for Life, This Line is for Working."

Then the boy was told to hold the hand tight,
then the Buddhist Monk ask him:"So where all the lines located now?"
The young boy answered: "Is in my hand."
The Buddhist Monk smile and said: "Young boy, fate is in your hand, is not based on other people mouth(fortune teller), all the lines(Love, Life, Working) on your hand palm is in your hand"

Maybe you will find out when you hold tight of your hand palm,
you will find out some lines are endless, that means most of fate is in our control and there is a small part is based on environment.
So why don't we hold tight our hand and say:
Fate is in our hand and we should work hard for our fate! It is not based on other's people mouth and hand to control. Is in my hand to control my Fate!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Kid Drawing Day 1 Story

After 'few centuries', I am finally back to my blog,
the previous kids drawing picture.
The actual story occur everywhere in the world,
no matter what story is,
it started from two stranger meet together,
between their heart there is a wall because they haven know each other,
they will be very careful and cautious because they still not trust each other,
soon, the wall between the two person is dismantle,
they begin trust each other, they start to share their insights to each other,
their hearts are connected without a wall between it.
But when time flies, the trust level so high and their become less cautious,
they will start receive booms or arrows that may hurt their hearts,
the two will start to disappointed, argue, quarrel, conflicts, cold war and etc.
The wall between the two start to build again.
This cycle will keep repeating in everyone's life,
no matter is in love, friendship, family, teacher and students, colleagues, or anyone~