Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Boss Treat

Last Tuesday company move up to a new office upstairs,
and director of KL Branch held a warming lunch.
They order domino's pizza and put in the boardroom for us to eat.
After lunch we like feeling want to drink chatime,
asking who want to order because more than 8 cups available for delivery.
Finance Manager walk into the training room and ask us:
Boss say belanja Chatime, who want?
We all ordered happily and tadaa......
14 cups of Chatime!!
Boss belanja~~
one cup large and add pearl cost rm7.90.
What can I say, Thanks Boss!!

Monday, February 20, 2012

Before and After Make Up

I often watch those Taiwan show and saw those girls having small eyes and
"Ta Daa" using those cosmetic change to big eyes.
I never expect it happen to me one day...

My housemate girlfren is a make up artist.
She help me make up one of my eyes and
I become 1 big eye and 1 small eye
She only help me make up 1 eye only,
what if the whole face, I cant imagine Who will I become,
I start to believe the saying:
This world no ugly woman, only has lazy woman.
Well I am the lazy one...hahaha~~

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Shopping Like a Mom

I cook dinner most of the time after I started work.
On the valentines day, i decided to go out eat dinner with my brother.
Then, we went for Tesco to have a "ingredient" shopping,

my brother went to other section far from me,
and I was in the vegetable section buying vegetables,
den my brother called me and asked want to buy which brand of milk powder.

I asked in the phone:" our house milk powder finished?!"
Then in front of me an aunty LOOKED at me and the trolley body,
My hearts whispered: Ok aunty, i do look like an aunty but u no need look at me that way~~
I start to feel like I shopping like a MOM and not a girl anymore,

young girls trolley should be junk food and those maggi mee,
while me buying all those vegetables, fruits, and milk powder...hahaha~~~