Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Homemade Burger as Lunch

Today I would like to bring my own burger lunch to work.
I cut my homemade bread into slices.
The homemade bread made using breadmaker.
Then I cut the cucumber and cheese and placed on the bread.
 My mom knew I will prepare own lunch to work recently.
She cooked soy sauce meat for us.
I kept the meat in the refrigerator.
I steam the meat and steam the vegetables.
 Then I fried 2 eggs and cut into half.
Place the vegetables, egg, meat, cucumber, cheese together.
I did not refill tomato stock. So tomato missed out in this burger.
2 burger for brother and 2 brother for me.
I asked brother to add the tomato/chili sauce himself.
I am so satisfied with this lunch as rice/noodles everyday are bored to me.
Easy to do and homemade will be healthier than outside burger.
Happy Lunch :)

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Night Activity during CNY

This year Chinese New Year.
Me and colleagues went to Fo Guang Shan (a.k.a FGS) for the CNY events.
There are nice lighting event and a few activity for you to spend your night.
 I bought a lotus candle and pray for everyone .
Hope Everything and Everyone has safe and happy life.
We are busy capturing photos 
 There are beautiful lights and beautiful girls..ekekek
This year is a horse year.
So the theme will be horse everywhere. 
You can come here with friend and family. 
Capture alot of pics and chit chat with friends.
Walking through the couple bridge.
although we are not couples 
 Take picture with your Chinese zodiac
And go home with tiring but memorable experience.
Recommended to come here during CNY and have fun with family and friends!

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Recycle Rose from Egg Carton

My neighbor love to buy 24 eggs ( 1 egg carton )
and gave us the egg carton. 
I always throw it with feeling guilty.
Then I go youtube find out how to make
recycle rose from egg carton.

My first try to do the rose.
You just need to type ' recycle rose + egg carton' in Youtube.
And there are a number of videos for you to learn.
It is hard at first, but after you did a few. 
You start to have achievement and fall in love with it.
I made 1 row of roses from the egg carton and what I haven't do is
paint the rose.
I will do tat in future.
You can stick on your photo frame, cards, or give as a bouquet to someone you loved.
You may try it out *DIY*

Monday, April 21, 2014

Taiwan Trip Day 8,9,10 Tamsui

Taiwan Trip Day 8

We walk on our own last 3 days in Taipei.
We didnt hire driver.
We sit the train and walk around the Taipei city for 2 days.
We sit train and bus to 台北101.
Its easy to ask people around for the direction, 
and their bus driver will announce through mic that we reached Taipei 101.
Compare to Malaysia bus....hmmpphh dun comment XP
 Its raining that day. So we just go for shopping and walk around the Taipei 101 that area.
They are connected to several malls. We had our lunch there.
In the noon we split to two groups,
guys went to digital mall while girls go to 五分埔.
五分埔 is a nice place to shopping.
I didnt buy anything actually caused I am fat, 
I cant just pick the shirt randomly without testing...sigh

Day 9
We sat train to Tamsui 台北淡水
We rent 5 bicycles to go around Tamsui

There is a Golden seashore.
They built a bicycle path for you to ride around.

We ride along without knowing direction and keep go explore everywhere.
We met pig in front of a shop
where they chained the pig as pet.
We follow the road sign and reached the Tamsui Fisherman's Wharf. 
There is a hotel that built like a cruise.
I bought ice cream to eat because riding bicycle under sun is really hot!

Beside the hotel, is the Tamsui love bridge.
Everyone will capture pic here and walk around the bridge.
 We just relax around Tamsui area and back to our homestay to rest.
Walk at the night market, bought some souvenirs and masks
and sleep well in the homestay for the last night of Taiwan.

Day 10 Flight back to Malaysia
and end my Taiwan Trip :)

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Taiwan Trip Day 7 Feng Jia

Taiwan Trip Day 7 Feng Jia

 Actually this place is Day 5. we went to 18 度巧克力 to buy chocolate to eat,
opposite is cake shop, then can go next door drink coffee
is free coffee.
Then we went to buy ice cream to eat.

Day 7 actually went to 大溪花海农场 only,
its raining and we spent morning at there.
This place not suggested to go, its not worth to go.
Then we went to a souvenir shop.
I didnt really capture pic there caused abit tired.
And i am not interested with the souvenir there.
Then noon depart to Taipei.
This day abit wasted because it did not go with the plan.

Taiwan Trip Day 6 Sun Moon Lake

Taiwan Trip Day 6 Sun Moon Lake
Morning went to Sun Moon Lake 日月潭国家公园
Waited at the port for boat.
Boat Riding at the sun moon lake.

Eat the Herbal Tea Egg in the middle island.
Capture with the sun moon lake stone that everyone will capture with it.
Famous stone..haha
Next, cable car to Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village九族文化村
 Visited the 9 different original culture of Taiwan 
 There is a theme park for us to play.
There are roller coasters and those riding that you can find in fun fair.
There are motion master short movie too.
Family can spend their time visit the cultural village,
and their children will have fun at the theme park.
There is a 'castle' actually is a restaurant.
The design is so western.
I am too free waiting for the driver to come fetch us.
So I jump here and there in the park XP
At night, we went to Feng Jia 逢甲夜市
and stayed in Feng Jia for 1 night.

Friday, April 18, 2014

Taiwan Trip Day 5 Qing Jing

Taiwan Trip Day 5 Qing Jing
The homestay aunty told us that 5am there will be sunrise.
We waited patiently at 5am and the sun rise at 7am
We at there keep scold aunty behind her (>.<)
 First location, Evergreen Grassland青青草原
Beautiful Hill Scenery
Sheep Feeding 
Horse Ride Performance and Horse Feeding Time 
Souvenir Shop 
Qing Jing Farm 清静农场
Next location, Small Swiss Garden 小瑞士花园
We only capture outside the Small Swiss Garden.
We didnt pay entrance fee to go into the garden.
We only capture photo at the restaurant.
Paper Restaurant & Bee Restaurant
Next,The Old England老英格兰
Is a restaurant, we just stand outside to capture picture
The middle of Taiwan,puli 普里
We just capture pic with the rock.
This place is the middle of Taiwan haha
 Next, Sun Moon Lake 日月潭
Lao Zhang call us climb the staircase.
Its 365 steps, every steps represent a day.
You can find your birthday on the steps of the staircase.
p.s: january is the bottom! congrats jan baby! :P
There is a temple opposite the staircase.
Can go there for a walk.
Went to a hotel to stay in sun moon lake to stay one night.