Monday, October 10, 2011

Step into the new life~

Such a hurry,
that I finish my final exam on 17th Sept evening,
drove to KL at 18th Sept,
and start my training course on 19th Sept!
Trying to recognize the road on the 1st week,
Attended the cousin's wedding on the 1st weekend.
Busy tidying the room and settle-ing down on the 2nd week,
and frens traveled to KL on the 2nd weekend, gonna bring them to play for the whole weekend.
My parents came for the 3rd weekend
and my brother's house having house warming invited his frens.
Cook, tidy up and superbbb tired...

Busy weeks and I still not yet settle down and sit down and think for the future.
Actually there is a TIME to think bout future-->when I am stucking in the JAM for hours in KL.
But....when you are stuck-ing in the JAM for hours, the emotion (not cool down & frustrated) will influence the thinking for future..hahaha.
So should I step in the industry which I am learning?
Should I work in this busy city?
I should make my decision when I finish the training course on 25th October. :(
There are still 2 weeks time for me to think....

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Cousin's Big Day

Is time to update my blog.
After my busy final semester,
after settle down my training course in KL,
I am finally free to blog.
Last last weekend attended my cousin wedding.
First time to be bridesmaid and 'sister' is so great!
Having a fun day and have a superb great experience.
woo woo.. I combine some of the photo into 1.
Pretty Celine with family and cousins, sisters, and...
her hubby~~
Taking photos and meeting all the cousins and new friends are superb fun!