Thursday, April 7, 2011

Kid Drawing Day 1

Today I have something special to share,
everyone have different perspective when looking at a picture,
Today introduce to you all KID Drawing 1,
story will be show out tomorrow what actually the painter want to express.
hehe...... :P
P/S: if the pic too small can click on the pic,
anyway d title is KID drawing, you know what I mean la..hahaha~~~

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

My bed?

Rush Rush Rush....
rush for final year project,
rush for this assignment,
rush for tat mid term,
yesterday evening after pass up my final year project report,
I walk in my room,
looking at the mess I created after 2 weeks busy,
starting to clean up all the mess,
and finally,
lie down on my bed,
Wait, is this my bed?
really my bed?
I found out I ignore my bed for 2 weeks already!!
ermm... actually is I ignore d comfortable, ignore d feel of my bed,
nvm, bed! Mama come to u now!!
finally...can have a nice sleep after few busy weeks.
Hope you all also have a sweet dream everynite and have a good rest!