Tuesday, February 15, 2011

My Favourite Things

Today is public holiday,
going to let myself off 1 day from assignments!
Watch back 'the Sound of Music' to enjoy the fun of music,
There are many parts are my favourite!
But right now there is 1 part that make me feel so... indescribable.
Is the actor singing My Favourite Things when the kids were afraid of storms.
The part of lyrics is:
When the dog bites, when the bee stings,
when I'm feeling sad,I simply remember my favorite things,
and then I don't feel so bad.

The image is from here - People make cupcakes about their favourite things

This part make me don't feel so bad when I am thinking of my favourite things!
When u are facing assignments, tests, social life, family matters, working life,
when u feel bad, u just need to think and remember of favourite things,
and then u really don't feel so bad!

How you release your unhappiness or stress? I have my own way:
I put my family photo as the desktop background of my computer,
I place a photo of a group of my best fren on the photo frame that they gave me,
I place many photos of my favourite food, activities, things on the wall on my room,
When I look at those things,
It brighten my life~!!
Love my Life!!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Boyfriend? Famous question in CNY

During the Chinese New Year,
everyone will be asked the same question
Got bf? Going to Marry? When will have child? When will have 2nd one?
When me and my family having reunion dinner,
we discussed this topic,
my parents were laughing at me~~
because among the best friend group in Taiping,
I often go out with boys,
oopps,not yet finish the sentence,
boys that already have girlfriends.

On the 1st day of cny, my friends are too boring and
come to my house to invite me to their house to gambling,
they waiting outside my house and my parents call me invite them in,
Parent ask: How many of them?
I answer: 3 of them....... all boys.
Brother: WAO....
I answer: All already have girlfriend.
Parents + Brother: Hahaha... We din say or think any thing*innocent face*
Me: =_='''

2nd day of cny, at Teluk Intan,
Me: I have few friends in Teluk Intan. hehe...
Mom: Why dun u go find your friends?
Me: I have this thinking before, but after I think deeply and count, total got 4 boys I know in Teluk Intan, in order not to let my aunty and cousin misunderstand, I choose not to meet them.
Mom: hahaha...
Me: What to do.. I only know boys in Teluk Intan, I have no girl friends in Teluk Intan. TT

Secondary School: 1 group of best fren got 6 boys, 2 girls, girls busy with boyfriend, boys often go out with me because I know well of their girlfriends and super safe for them to 'date' me out.
Diploma: A class with 10 boys and 3 girls include me.
Degree: The 2 girls cannot get in uni with me so I am often 1 girl with 7 boys from Diploma.

My life full of boys around me, so often when cousins and friends ask: Got bf d?
They use a doubt face looking at me when I answer: No.
How I gonna explain? -- no need explain, just be myself, haha!! ^^

Day 1 in the Bunny CNY

WAO...again long time din blog.
A busy cny, then...come along with a busy semester again!!!
How can i define my rabbit Chinese New Year?? hmmm.....
On the first day of Chinese New Year.....
Is a very hot day, so i drink a lot of water in order not to fall sick,
went to 2nd uncle house chit chat for almost an hour,
then went to 1st aunty house,
feeling like wana go toilet~~
After greet my aunty and straight went to the toilet,
standing on the squat toilet bowl,
unzipping my 1st time new wore jeans,
AND the next second......
what is that sound and what is the black color thing drop into the toilet bowl??
After 3 seconds, my hand touching my pocket and the mind fly through a few words,
that is --> My Handphone!!!
image from here.
'Oh no no, it wouldn't be!' I keep telling myself.
Looking into the toilet hole, my heart sink,
is so so deep~~
Call for my brother and father help,
at last: Certified Died. Died reason: Drowning
My friend asked me how u lost your phone after that,
I just answer that: The handphone now swimming, just that swimming in a smelly place~
I need to go digi centre to activate back my old number BUT the worst is....
I lost all of the contact numbers~!!! wuwuwu.. I need lots of time and effort again to get back those number.
Lesson 1: Beware of items in pocket when going to toilet.
Lesson 2: Backup all the contact number either in computer or paper-based.

conclusion: Happy Chinese New Year? hmm...although at first cannot accept the truth, but chinese saying: Old doesn't go, New won't come. Now searching for new handphone, happy? sure la, Happy Chinese New Year!! haha....