Thursday, April 7, 2011

Kid Drawing Day 1

Today I have something special to share,
everyone have different perspective when looking at a picture,
Today introduce to you all KID Drawing 1,
story will be show out tomorrow what actually the painter want to express.
hehe...... :P
P/S: if the pic too small can click on the pic,
anyway d title is KID drawing, you know what I mean la..hahaha~~~


  1. I understand the drawings as below,
    1. 2 person started to eye on each other.
    2. They broke wall in between them slowly.
    3. They fell in love deeply like nothing in between them.
    4. They started to have arguement or fight.
    5. They built wall between them again day by day.
    6. They are parted by the wall.
    7. Until they saw another person again, and the cycle is repeat.

    Correct or not?

  2. Hmm... from my perspective, I see:
    2 person whom love each other, have a "barrier" between them.
    When the "barrier" is finally removed, they are closer but to fight/argue everyday.
    So, both of them drifted away and "barrier" is formed again.

    I concluded that, we often miss someone who is far/seldom meet. But when the person is beside we do not appreciate him/her and take him/her for granted.