Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Cousin's Big Day

Is time to update my blog.
After my busy final semester,
after settle down my training course in KL,
I am finally free to blog.
Last last weekend attended my cousin wedding.
First time to be bridesmaid and 'sister' is so great!
Having a fun day and have a superb great experience.
woo woo.. I combine some of the photo into 1.
Pretty Celine with family and cousins, sisters, and...
her hubby~~
Taking photos and meeting all the cousins and new friends are superb fun!


  1. Hey, when are you finishing your course and return to hometown? Got any good news from any employer?

    Miss you, le!

  2. Li Ying, you look so great on that evening. Nice meeting you there.

  3. yvonne, the couse will be end on 25th October,
    I get an interview from a company but I will attend just to get interview experience, plan not to accept the job.

    yan, thanks~ Nice to meet u there too. :)