Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Origami with "dispose" paper

There are many advertised papers come together with the newspapers.
My mom often put all into the recycle box prepare to send to the collect recycled products lorry.
In the last semester break I learn something which can help us to manage our small stuffs with these "disposal" papers. not a boat!
 1. You can fold the A4 paper or any size of the paper into three.

2. Then on the 1st page on your left, and the last page on you right, fold another half(refer to pic above and below).
The shape will be look like this.

3. Open up the 1st page/ last page that you folded into half.

4. Fold up the 4 sides of the paper just like the picture below.

Do the same step for the 1st page/ last page too.

You will have the pattern like this after you complete the step in front.
Then open up the middle part.

It will look like a boat but actually it is a.....


The box can be used to put small things in an organized way.
Or normally i use to put my hair accessories or electric accessories such as charger or headphones.
My mom use it to put chicken bone or fish bone during dinner....
I fold it without opening it just like in the photo, whenever I want to use it, I just open it in the middle part
and I can fully utilized it!


  1. I used to fold boxes out of paper too.... recycle, right? But my method is slightly different from yours :D

    Now, I need to fold the boxes as I'm running out of it...

  2. It's a good idea Li Ying~
    Thanks for the steps!

  3. yvonne- yup, recycle! No matter what method we used, as long as we fully utilized of the papers and recycle it, is the best!!!! :)

    Hayley, welcome~ There are still many types of boxes we can fold~

  4. Most of the time, it was Yvonne, she folded boxes for me. I just so dump in origami. Learn then forget, couldn't master it well.