Thursday, December 6, 2012

Taking a long leave

Next week I am going to take whole week leave
heading to Langkawi and Koh Lipe Island, Thailand.
One month ago, plan to diet up the tummy
in order to wear bikini,
One month ago, plan to take care of my face
in order to 'pikat' beach boy,
One month ago, imagine all those beach boy will be handsome and cool,
*photo taken in Batu Ferringi beach*
my 2 best girl fren say better imagine no handsome cool beachboy
in order to not have BIG dissapointment,

At last, what I can do is bring my double round tyre tummy,
and a tired face,
heading to the no handsome cool beachboy beach.
blaaahhhh SO WHAT,
life is short, just go there and release stress
and enjoy till the max,
enjoy the chocolate, sunset, beach, sand and sun~
Happy December Holiday
Be positive and Have fun~~!!!!!


  1. LOL, you are too funny! No harm daydreaming and having nice, everything sweet imagination~

    Do enjoy your holidays and bring home many many sweet memories (if possible, bring home a man too! I have not attended wedding dinner for the longest time.)

  2. Haha yea, agree with Yvonne.
    You're so funny la! But you know what, you're young wert!! So you have the 本钱 to flaunt!

    Enjoy your holidays ya!!

  3. You are at Langkawi in December, and I am in KL for holiday now, tomorrow is the end of my holiday. Sobss.......