Wednesday, January 9, 2013


8-1-2013 Tuesday Dinner


  1. Looks so good one. I like all the dishes. Yummy and healthy.

  2. Wah, homecook is the best! I bet they are prepared by your dear brother :)

    Why I no have such caring brother? I must book him for my next life, please tell him that.

  3. Btw, CNY is around the corner. Is the Bigger Man in your Taiping house going to make miku? Can I place order now? He makes the best miku in the world!!

    Please tell him that too :p

  4. Wei, wei, why you and your mom get the best personal chefs in the world?

  5. tats not a good thing to have personal chef,
    because i cant slim down thanks to them!!!!
    almost going to sleep, they both will ask wana bancuh kopi, then, wana eat?? swinging the food infront~~ boom...there comes fatty boom boom, eat n sleep ><

  6. I got the miku already, now slowly eat them one at at time. So good to dip into a cup of coffee... ah, what a bliss!

    Thank you to your dad, wokay?