Monday, April 15, 2013

Added Shirt to Recycle Box

After a long exhausting project,
I am finally free on the weekend to clean up my house.
On Saturday morning, I headed to the Mr.Diy to buy the wallpaper sticker,
which is rm3.50 for 2m.
I started to stick one of the box made by my parents for me to
keep those 'girl's hair care/ facial care and others accessories'
Sekali try, tiap tiap kali mau.
Once i added a shirt for one of the box, I am addicted!!
The wallpaper sticker is easy to use.
From an original box become a nice box, indescribable feelings!
Well...after the first one...ok ok...I addicted!!
I korek out those going to throw boxes and transform it to recycled pencil holder.

Lets recycle to save the world! :)


  1. Thumbs up to your parents and your creativity to recycle those unused boxes to something so practical and nice. Amazing!

  2. Wah good job! If everyone also think and act like you, then this world will be cleaner!!