Monday, October 28, 2013

Having Dinner in Kissaten

After few months tiring project,
colleagues invited to have a dinner to sayang ourselves!
We went to Kissaten in Setia City Mall.
There are branches which located in Jaya One and etc...
Me and Shermaine reached early so we waited in front of the beautiful water fountain.

Then we headed to the Kissaten and had our dinner.
Saw alot of people ordered Burger. Heard that burger not bad.
But we didnt order the burger, we ordered:
Pizza - Teriyaki Chicken Onsen Tamago
Rice - Katsu Curry Rice
Spaghetti- Burger Steak Spaghetti

The Pizza is a great mixture of seaweed,egg, teriyaki chicken and pizza.
Out of my imagination taste to mix all those together and superb nice!
The burger steak made me miss my grandma's signature steak.
We order one more pancake to pampered ourselves.
The pancake feel more like 'ham chim peng' we eat for breakfast.
Overall quite Yummy! Will go try the burger next time~

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