Friday, June 20, 2014

Kenny Rogers Chicken Run 2014

Its my first time go for a run with housemates.
Its Kenny Roger Chicken Run 2014.
This chicken run provided us a great goodies bag.
Inside the goodies bag contained 2 100 plus drinks, 1 free Kenny Rogers meal,
2 Starbucks voucher, and a lot of sponsored items.
We need to hold an egg and run.
How to hold an egg to run?
They provided an ice cream cone to hold the egg.
Well, I have a sickness, hyperhidrosis.
My hand will sweat 24 hours per day (joking, i believe at least 18 hours )
I have a pairs of easy sweating hand palms and leg palms.
So my ice cream cone melted before I ran, 
I just hold it for 15 mins and it melted because of my sweat!

Me and my dear housemate walking on the LDP (Main highway),
oopsss other people running and we both walking..hahaha
After the run, we had a group photo!
Yeah success run finish 4km+ and the egg survived.
I set 10 seconds timer for the camera and the 2 guys gave the camera this look ( >.< )
Forget to mention that we have free 1 day access to Sunway Lagoon Theme Park after the run.
That is why we joined the chicken run..muahaha
We happily enjoy ourselves in the theme park after the run and play till max tired.
Its a great event for whole family to join the Chicken Run and free ticket to Sunway Lagoon Theme Park after the tiring run!

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