Thursday, January 13, 2011


hmm hmm...
although I am having holiday now,
but I am so so lazy to blog,
such a LAZY pig I am right? haha...
Well, to tell myself not to lazy anymore,
I start to make cards to remind myself,
try to improve myself to a 'better' daughter, student, person~~
The first card I made to remind myself is forgiveness.
Horoscope often said that scorpion is a harbor bitter resentment or bear grudge,
well, I have to admit that I am quite bear grudge,
so I must learn to forget it, control it, and forgive~
Wooo... say easy but action HARD,
I stick this card in front of my cupboard to keep reminding myself,
hopefully I can make some changes~!!
1st Card: Forgiveness
p/s: D girl pic google search, and draw it on d card and d quotes...copy from website :P
combine to become a card - I like d sentence: Forgiveness is a gift you give yourself~!


  1. Who do want to give this card to?

  2. Welcome to blogsphere!

    Do share with bloggers your up and down. Also, this is a good place to vent and rant, kekeke!

    p/s: I like the quote you found on forgiveness....

  3. I hope to see updates from you more often... Wanna know how are you doing lately.. hehe
    Take care!