Friday, February 11, 2011

Day 1 in the Bunny CNY

WAO...again long time din blog.
A busy cny, then...come along with a busy semester again!!!
How can i define my rabbit Chinese New Year?? hmmm.....
On the first day of Chinese New Year.....
Is a very hot day, so i drink a lot of water in order not to fall sick,
went to 2nd uncle house chit chat for almost an hour,
then went to 1st aunty house,
feeling like wana go toilet~~
After greet my aunty and straight went to the toilet,
standing on the squat toilet bowl,
unzipping my 1st time new wore jeans,
AND the next second......
what is that sound and what is the black color thing drop into the toilet bowl??
After 3 seconds, my hand touching my pocket and the mind fly through a few words,
that is --> My Handphone!!!
image from here.
'Oh no no, it wouldn't be!' I keep telling myself.
Looking into the toilet hole, my heart sink,
is so so deep~~
Call for my brother and father help,
at last: Certified Died. Died reason: Drowning
My friend asked me how u lost your phone after that,
I just answer that: The handphone now swimming, just that swimming in a smelly place~
I need to go digi centre to activate back my old number BUT the worst is....
I lost all of the contact numbers~!!! wuwuwu.. I need lots of time and effort again to get back those number.
Lesson 1: Beware of items in pocket when going to toilet.
Lesson 2: Backup all the contact number either in computer or paper-based.

conclusion: Happy Chinese New Year? hmm...although at first cannot accept the truth, but chinese saying: Old doesn't go, New won't come. Now searching for new handphone, happy? sure la, Happy Chinese New Year!! haha....


  1. Wakakakaka! I didn't hear any aunties talking about your drowning phone when I went back for pai-nee. Squat toilet bowl, cannot retrieve the phone anymore, but if it's the modern toilet bowl... still can la.

    Sad case... but look at the bright side, you got new phone.

    Happy chinese new year!

  2. Happy Chinese New Year Li Ying. Got your new handphone already? Please update more frequent.

  3. Hahaha!! You so funny la Li Ying...
    Nvm lo, at least this is a good reason to get a new hp!
    Oh ya, Happy Chinese New Year to you!

  4. Yvonne, my mom help me promote whenever we visit any house after the incident +_+

    Yan, still searching for new handphone, currently using my dad's handphone. Now searching for a good & useful handphone. keke...

    Haylley, using the old phone for few years, I now only found out this is really a good reason to get a new hp!! haha...