Friday, February 11, 2011

Boyfriend? Famous question in CNY

During the Chinese New Year,
everyone will be asked the same question
Got bf? Going to Marry? When will have child? When will have 2nd one?
When me and my family having reunion dinner,
we discussed this topic,
my parents were laughing at me~~
because among the best friend group in Taiping,
I often go out with boys,
oopps,not yet finish the sentence,
boys that already have girlfriends.

On the 1st day of cny, my friends are too boring and
come to my house to invite me to their house to gambling,
they waiting outside my house and my parents call me invite them in,
Parent ask: How many of them?
I answer: 3 of them....... all boys.
Brother: WAO....
I answer: All already have girlfriend.
Parents + Brother: Hahaha... We din say or think any thing*innocent face*
Me: =_='''

2nd day of cny, at Teluk Intan,
Me: I have few friends in Teluk Intan. hehe...
Mom: Why dun u go find your friends?
Me: I have this thinking before, but after I think deeply and count, total got 4 boys I know in Teluk Intan, in order not to let my aunty and cousin misunderstand, I choose not to meet them.
Mom: hahaha...
Me: What to do.. I only know boys in Teluk Intan, I have no girl friends in Teluk Intan. TT

Secondary School: 1 group of best fren got 6 boys, 2 girls, girls busy with boyfriend, boys often go out with me because I know well of their girlfriends and super safe for them to 'date' me out.
Diploma: A class with 10 boys and 3 girls include me.
Degree: The 2 girls cannot get in uni with me so I am often 1 girl with 7 boys from Diploma.

My life full of boys around me, so often when cousins and friends ask: Got bf d?
They use a doubt face looking at me when I answer: No.
How I gonna explain? -- no need explain, just be myself, haha!! ^^


  1. Means you are very easy going, sociable, friendly, sporting and cincai person. Boys like friends like this ma! So you have more boy friends lo! You should be happy to have so many brothers. hahahah!

  2. Never mind la... got bf or no. As long as you are happy and content with your life, all that doesn't matter.

    But if you really have a bf then, intro to me, ya!

  3. You're still young ma! Enjoy 1st lo...
    Me leh, famous question is 'when going to have baby?' =_= sien....

    p/s: If you're going to ask me the same question, then I answer you here, soon.. soon...

  4. My life full of girls around me, so often when grandma and uncles ask: Got gf d?
    They use a doubt face looking at me when I answer: No.
    How I gonna explain? -- no need explain, just be myself, haha!! ^^