Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Kid Drawing Day 1 Story

After 'few centuries', I am finally back to my blog,
the previous kids drawing picture.
The actual story occur everywhere in the world,
no matter what story is,
it started from two stranger meet together,
between their heart there is a wall because they haven know each other,
they will be very careful and cautious because they still not trust each other,
soon, the wall between the two person is dismantle,
they begin trust each other, they start to share their insights to each other,
their hearts are connected without a wall between it.
But when time flies, the trust level so high and their become less cautious,
they will start receive booms or arrows that may hurt their hearts,
the two will start to disappointed, argue, quarrel, conflicts, cold war and etc.
The wall between the two start to build again.
This cycle will keep repeating in everyone's life,
no matter is in love, friendship, family, teacher and students, colleagues, or anyone~


  1. Wei... I wait for this answer until my neck long already.

    When are you going to post 'Kid Drawing Day 2'?

  2. Good one. Just to add a point here, when the wall started to build again, it was rather hard to dismantle. Just lika a crack on a mirror.

  3. yvonne, sorry for waiting..haha,
    Kid Drawing 2 have to wait some time becoz not yet think of it.

    Yan, you are right! There will be scars that cannot recovered. Tooo bad...