Tuesday, June 28, 2011

No Time?

Today I suddenly have the sad feeling on my time management.
Think back when I was in standard 4,
I asked my mom: Mummy, Can I play computer games for 1 hour Today?
My mom replied me: Yes, you can.
I still remembered clearly that was Friday.
I play computer games for 1 hour on every Friday.
Other time will be homework + sports + tuition + school.
That year I had flying colors for my result, superb good.

But....Since Internet + Handphone + Laptop + Drama streaming came into my life.
The time management become so poor.
I saw (my friends)--> me stick to the Facebook, twitters, dramas, animations, MSN, Skype;
some stick to the handphone(SMS and chatting), laptop games, and other entertainment devices(PSP and etc),
then until last minute only shout:
Stress, not enough time to do assignments, final year projects;
Stress, not enough time to study for mid terms or finals;
Stress, not enough time to do homework(tutorial).
Am I the one? Yes, I am including too!!

Can I turn back into the life of early sleep, early wake up, a normal student life that study, do homework, assignments, projects, and go for sports to build up stamina, passing through a Healthy Life?
With Internet, Laptop, Entertainment devices, Handphone--> Smartphones, Fast food,
what life will be a "new generation youth" passing?
Answer provided is poor time management and unhealthy lifestyle.
I think I should start to control myself and start to change to have a better life~~


  1. Hahaha, I envy single person, like you who has a lot of time to manage.... Honestly, I don't have the, "Stress, not enough time to do...". But I do have this, "Not enough time to sleep! Not enough time to do housework! Not enough time to do revision with my children!" minus the stress part, hehehe.

    Being a mother has makes my time becoming very limited, especially I'm a working mother.

    Plan well ahead, dear friend, because time waits for no man.

  2. At home I have no time for computer. Eversince I joined CRC, I am very hardworking in the gym. Friday evening, Saturday and Sunday morning, you sure see me there. Li Ying, if there is a will, there is a way, I am sure you can do it to lead a healthy lifestyle.
    By the way, I also stop watching drama, in order to gain enough sleep now.