Sunday, January 8, 2012

Salute to working mom

Before I sleep,
I gonna share the feelings of my first week work in KL(away from hometown).
I am staying in brother's house(means our own house).
I am out to work at 8.15am (9-6pm) and jam the whole way back to home,
reach home at 7pm.
For healthy *and save money purpose, I have to cook the dinner.
Cooking dinner have to think about brother whether "like" to eat or not,
after dinner already 8 something or nearly 9.
Take a bath and online for a while and is time to bed.
I suddenly feel that....
I am superb respect to those working MOM!
Have to work from sun rises till endless....
Go for work, back home cook for husband and children,
make sure their stomach are filled with healthy and enough food,
have to do all those housework,
have to manage every housework and family in a good condition.
There are lots of responsibilities to become a good mom, good worker, good wife.
There are much I need to learn and manage...
I can't imagine all those...
lastly, SALUTE to those working mom!

*Love Life, Love Dad & Mom & Family*


  1. Yea, salute them right!
    One day, you'll be a working mum too, hehe..

  2. hayley, tat time gonna go take lesson learn from you all, is really difficult to manage~

  3. At last.... someone appreciates working mothers T_____T When still studying, no worries about this and also didn't know about mother's burden hor? When becoming one, baru tahu peritnya, kekeke!

    Well, being a housewife also quite tension one :)

  4. Hey, fren, so now you appreciate your mum and dad more after staying alone.
    As for me, I am slightly better as I don't need to cook for dinner, my MIL cooks. That is why, I don't dare to have many kids. You take care.

  5. yvonne, yaya...when studying what oso no need worry~ semakin old semakin banyak responsibilities...

    yan,i wish to move my parents to KL to help organize the house, but they are happier live in Taiping...haha...