Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Cleaning Job during CNY

Everyone busy cleaning their house for Chinese New Year,
Being a worm crawling on the bed without doing any cleaning,
the reason is I am not in Taiping,
KL house if decorate new year environment but we whole week will be in Taiping,
So? Save up the decoration job and energy to wait this coming weekend,
because this coming weekend when back to Taiping,
is time to have short and fast cleaning.
The good thing is I can rest for the 'front' cleaning job this year,
the bad thing is I gonna have 2 days tiring cleaning job before the CNY,
So is a good thing or a bad thing?
Whateva, because it is CNY~
So wish every1 have a Prosperous Chinese New Year,
Well, have to take care of body coz CNY most easily to get the 'sick' ang pao,
we have to shoo away sick ang pao and get a healthy and prosperous ang pao!!!
HUAT AR~~~!!!


  1. Come back Taiping must come out meet up (if I'm available :p)

    Have a joy and prosperity dragon year! Huat ar!!

  2. Li Ying, I hope I can bump into you in Taiping. Huat ar!

  3. I will be in Taiping from 21st to 28th of Jan and 4th to 6th Feb. We can meet up in my holiday~~