Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Boss Treat

Last Tuesday company move up to a new office upstairs,
and director of KL Branch held a warming lunch.
They order domino's pizza and put in the boardroom for us to eat.
After lunch we like feeling want to drink chatime,
asking who want to order because more than 8 cups available for delivery.
Finance Manager walk into the training room and ask us:
Boss say belanja Chatime, who want?
We all ordered happily and tadaa......
14 cups of Chatime!!
Boss belanja~~
one cup large and add pearl cost rm7.90.
What can I say, Thanks Boss!!


  1. Lucky you, you know right! This will never happen in my life here.

  2. So nice and generous of your boss! Compare to mine here, haiz..... after indulge in his treat must work triple hard to repay. Like I get 10cent, must give back RM1.... omg! that's mean he's getting it 1000%!!

  3. Wah, Chatime and Domino eh, your boss really generous la!

  4. Wow, how nice. Your boss always belanja one.