Monday, February 20, 2012

Before and After Make Up

I often watch those Taiwan show and saw those girls having small eyes and
"Ta Daa" using those cosmetic change to big eyes.
I never expect it happen to me one day...

My housemate girlfren is a make up artist.
She help me make up one of my eyes and
I become 1 big eye and 1 small eye
She only help me make up 1 eye only,
what if the whole face, I cant imagine Who will I become,
I start to believe the saying:
This world no ugly woman, only has lazy woman.
Well I am the lazy one...hahaha~~


  1. Yes, the world has no ugly women, only lazy women.

    Taiwan girls really 'geng' ho! Salute them!

  2. I prefer the make-up version of yours.... honestly. Your (one) eye looks very mesmerizing. Eh, your brother got terkejut boh?

    Not that I don't support 'natural beauty', but women who put some efforts to their appearance must be appreciated.

    Natural beauty only applies to someone who is born extremely pretty and flawless. Even supermodel and celebrities look 'shocking' without make up.

  3. Li Ying, you have one good asset that you must appreciate and proud of. That is your good complexion.

  4. i watched that episode too! it's Nv Ren Wo Zui Da right? the before and after makeup look is a total change!

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