Monday, May 14, 2012

I am Married! But to Who?

Writing a program until crazy and suddenly think of something:
A Programmer Life
I am married.
Marry to Laptop.
The first thing morning wake up is look at 'him'.
Before I sleep I also will kiss good nite to 'him'.
When I go out, I miss 'him'.
After my boss scold me, 'he' is the one who accompany me.
After I left home to work far from hometown, 'he' is still the one who accompany me.
When I boring, 'he' is the one entertain me.
When I feel like want to listen to music, 'he' sing to me.

Now I am giving birth to 'his' children,
Our children(program) if educated well, everyone love our children.
Our children(program) if educated normal, everyone just normal communicate with it.
Our children(program) if educated poorly, everyone dislike it.
Well, this showed How Great a Mother Love is.
Well, i just suddenly imagine those nonsense thing while writing a tough program.
Wish everyone Happy Mothers' Day! I know how great a mother love through my "husband"
Just Kidding :P


  1. Muahahaha!

    So, now you're Mrs.Dell Laptop or Mrs. Mac Laptop or Mrs. HP Laptop?

    Oh I like how you describe your children. One more thing... that children of yours will be forever yours. Anything to do with 'them', you need to support 'them' forever, seriously. Until you part with your job.

  2. Oh no...i totally agreee with you!!!!!
    need to support 'them' forever...
    I am currently mrs.Dell Laptop...
    Going to find another husband :P

  3. Love your sense of humour, Li Ying. You keep well.

  4. oh what a very good sense of humor... now i am beginning to think if i am married to my computer / cellphone too? ..cheers!


  5. lol at married to laptop! I think we all are! lol Peace to you!

  6. loool!! what a cute post :D but surely you love what you're doing? "married to the job".. sounds a lot like me in the future. heh.