Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Say Good Words, It might brighten others day!

When I finish a small task,
I send email to my partner,
and get a reply with thats great :)
Then, finish another small task,
get a reply with perfect :)
So I try to my colleague,
when she finish a task,
I say to her Good job :),
Then after finish whole task,
I say to her Well done :)
I try on her because she currently facing problems in work,
when I say those to her,
she seems like have the same feeling with me,
we both feel very happy and grateful!
I found out we seldom get praise,
If we do a simple thing, such as sweep floor,
people will think that is your responsible,
If you get praise say that good job! 2moro improve this will be better!
For sure 2moro, will sweep floor with happily feeling and excited!
This is the first simple things I learn start from now,
Say Good Words, It might brighten others day!
just like Give a smile, it might brighten a stranger day!


  1. Yes I agree. Sometimes a simple encouragement can really brighten up someone's day!

    Nice sharing~

  2. Li Ying, good to learn you are progressing so well. Keep it up. What you share here is something really good.

  3. Be generous with encouraging words, but when having nothing to say, just keep quiet :)

  4. it really does feel good every time you hear good words from other people... and it can make your heat bigger whenever you give one to other...

    Greetings from the Philippines