Monday, October 8, 2012

Appreciation Dinner for Company Trip Committee

Last Wednesday, Boss treat us a dinner for appreciation for being committee for the company trip.
We had the dinner at Unique Seafood PJ23.

This really unique for me this 'Kampung Kid'.
Ms.yap intro us a special dish that I have not heard before.

Canada Geoduck that cost rm328 per kg.
At first I am wondering are we going for duck?
Geoduck is one kind of clam and geoduck means for 'dig deep'.
It can be eat whether by raw or cook with the soup with three counting '1,2,3' and eat it!
It contains sweetness in the meat~! woootssss

Then we had other dishes with rice such as fish, prawn, taufu and vegetable.

and deserts

At last we had our group photo with boss.

Thanks boss for the treat! :)


  1. Er... you went for company trip and then get to appreciation dinner as well?

    I'm so envy, how come I don't get those nice treatments here? Sobs~~~

  2. OMG! Looking at the desserts, I am a dessert person. Love the dessert so much. You damn lucky, good life working there.