Friday, October 12, 2012

Company Trip ExploreRace 2012

16th September 2012
Company organized a teambuilding trip in Penang.
We outsource the teambuidling explore race to a company named Dynamic Resource.
And we had a tiring but exciting race and built up the bonding between colleagues.

First we had the clue for teo chew temple and need to complete the task given.
We need to pass the 'acid river' with few piece of woods.

2nd Station is the Fort Cornwallis
Spider Web

3rd Station is the Syed Alatas
The ping pong ball had to go through all the PVC channel in the shortest time.

4th Station is Dewan Sri Penang 
We have to go through the rope every spin. Must not have empty spin and every member must go through it include the one that hold the rope.

5th Station is Cheah Kongsi
This is the most tiring because we stand under the HOT sun and pass the water through small components and need to fill up a pail.

6th Station which is last station is the Chew Jetty
We have to take out the eggs from a 'volcano' box without rolling out the eggs and with only one rope.

We walk from 10am - 4pm. Walking around the Heritage of Penang and...
It is super tiring but cool, fun, exciting experience we ever had.


  1. What a wonderful event! My eyes are so green with envy your company was so nice to organize such fruitful teambuilding~~

    Yaya, I'm complaining I've been working like a bull for the past 10 years and never attended any outsourced training, let alone teambuilding T____T

  2. It was so nice for you to join such event with your colleagues. So fun and so interesting. If you were here with us, you would be like me and Yvonne, very grumpy and cranky women, everyday cursing boss like hell.