Monday, September 22, 2014

Company Trip to Club Med Cherating 2014

22nd August 2014
My company organized 3D2N company trip to Club Med Cherating Beach.
We sat 2 buses, 1 from KL office, another from Penang Office.
The journey from KL to Club Med Cherating Beach is about 4 hours.
We depart around 9am and sat 4 hours bus to Cherating~
We stopped by Pak Su Restaurant to have our lunch.
It is a pork free restaurant and its big to cater for our big group of people.
We had 65 person in total~
Once we reached Club Med Cherating, we were welcomed by their G.O.
They will brief us the rules and regulation
and lead us to our room.
Once we get there, we have 1 hour free and easy.
We straight away rush to the first activity - Tree Top Challenge.
We need to put on safety caps and the G.O will teach us the safety.
We climbed and shouted like mad on top of the trees to pass through all the challenges.
The last challenge will be flying fox.
Its fun to go for the Tree Top Challenge.  
After the ice breaking event of the company in the meeting room,
we headed for dinner.
After dinner, we watched the G.O night performance in the theater.
Well, Club Med Cherating provided free flow of drinks so...
after watched the performance, we drank whole night.
Burp,end the night with full of drinks in the stomach XP

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