Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Company Trip to Club Med Cherating 2014 2nd Day

Early in the morning, we went to sunrise yoga.
It is located at the beach side.
 After few years didnt do yoga,
it is very tiring for me!
 Then we had our team building activities at the beach.
While waiting for the team building activities to start,
we had a photo to show our energetic face.
Because normally after the under hot sun teambuiding activities, you can see
exhausted faces and non-smile faces.
After lunch we went to the Zen Space of the Club Med Cherating.
The rules and regulation here is no kids allowed and
it is a quiet space where we are not allowed to talk loudly.
We can swim in the swimming pool or just dip the legs in the pool
I went to beachside again in the evening to enjoy the sunset 
and listen to the sea.
We played and built sandcastles.
Its so wonderful to sit on the sand and view the sunset beach scenery.
After the dinner, we watch the performance in theater
and they prepare a special party at the beachside.
We holding campaign and watching the fireworks at the beach side.
We drank again to end the night.... :)

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