Thursday, March 1, 2012

Boss(Company) Treat v2

continue to the previous post,
not many photos I taken coz SHY..hahaha
The first day I enter the company,
they had welcome lunch for the new comers,
I had lunch in a Chinese restaurant with boss and other new comers.
Then before Chinese New Year, they had a company reunion dinner which held in Tropicana Golf Club Resort.

Then after Chinese New Year we had a CNY lunch(lou sang) in Restaurant Sri Siam.
The next party was the last tuesday Office Warming Party lunch which serves dominos and chatime.
The last Thursday boss go eat lunch-wan tan mee with 9 of us. He treat us again...I tercuri saw the receipt is rm81.40. 10 of us ate RM81.40 char siew wan tan mee.
Then....last Friday office held another office warming party dinner to welcome all those in client side to come back...
We had high class nasi lemak, fruits, desserts for the party...
I only join for 2 months and burrppppp....
Fat again.
After ate so much, is time to work again with full energy...


  1. Such a generous treat from your boss =)

    Btw, you can sign up for monthly gym session or go jogging around your condo (ask your bro to accompany you, not safe nowadays). That way, you can enjoy food and stay fit.

  2. Liying, when you come back to Taiping? Remember to PM us at FB, we can for a drink and catch up. May be just a few of us will do.