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Backpack Trip Perth Australia Day 1 Morning

24th August 2013
5am reached airport
We reached at about 5 something in the morning.
After we passed through the gate it was 6 something.
The bus going to Perth City starts at 7am.
We bought bread to fill our stomach while waiting for the bus.
As you can see in the pic, we were freeezzzing~
The cold weather in early morning is superb cold.

To catch the bus to Perth City, we had to sit the transit bus from the airport to Terminal 3. From there we only can sit bus to Perth City.
Erhermm, the research of transportation is done by ours Miss.YC.
Me and MM were just following her all around. Thanks YC :P

While we were on the bus heading to Perth City, an old good man sat beside me. I asked him: I am going to Fremantle, do you know which stop should i go down to the train station?
He answered me: I am going to the train station, follow me.
We discussed about Perth, he retired and stay there, he love the place, he pointed me every attractions along the road, explained to me the
story of those places. After we reached the bus stop, he brought us to buy the train ticket and pointed us the library beside the train station. There is where I met a nice old man in Perth.

We bought Transperth card(alike Touch N Go in M'sia) to sit the train.
The last station of the train is Fremantle. The train journey to Fremantle, you might see a nice Seaside view from the train. Fremantle is a port of Perth. We did research that Fremantle Market only open during weekend. So we stayed at Fremantle Saturday, Sunday and leave on Monday.

The special thing is that we can walk pass the railway. We normally need to walk over bridge to pass through the railway. But in Perth, we can walk across the railway. If the train is coming, there is an automated gate close the pathway. I like the design!
From the train station, the nearest attractions is E-Shed Market. We can buy the cheapest souvenirs there. That is our first station so I dare not buy. How regret I am now! Besides the E-Shed Market, there is a
jetty to Rottnest Island but we not enough budget to the island :(
We just follow the map and walk from train station to E-shed Market and just walk around follow the sea-side. We explore by walking randomly.

We wanted to ride the CAT bus, but its too early, the bus haven't operating yet. So we continue walking. We came to Maritime Museum. Need to pay in order to visit the Maritime Museum. We felt that is not necessary to pay so we just stand outside to capture pic only. We are not officially visited the Maritime Museum.
Beside the Maritime Museum, there is a sub marine there.
From there we keep on walking without knowing the destination.

We walk to a beach! Sitting there with best friends and enjoying the cozy wind. Its so relaxing! We enjoy the view, talking and looking at the ocean...

Then just right beside the beach, there is a tunnel through the rock mountain. We headed to the rock mountain and noticed the round house is just right on top of the rock mountain. There is a piano in the round house and YC playing the piano. I capture a nice photo of her playing the piano in the tunnel.

We headed to the round house and the staircase there can view one of the street in Fremantle. The round house is the oldest public building in Fremantle. Its was built to hold any person convicted of a crime.

After visited the Round House we headed to the street we saw to fill up our stomach. We went to Breaks Fremantle to have our lunch. We ordered burger and spaghetti. We shared 2 main course because the portions were big.

Wow, I wrote until here just a Saturday Morning, but I wrote like One Day Trip.
Small Tips, walk around with a map but not fixed the road, you may explore alot of stuff.

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