Thursday, November 14, 2013

Backpack Trip Perth, Australia Day 2

25 August 2013 Sunday
We slept in 6 person dorm. The 3 roommates went to party on Saturday night. Only one came back to sleep. We woke up and headed to the pantry to prepare our breakfast. We bought milk and ate with bread & strawberries. We enjoy our breakfast and met a girl who was working in the Pirates Backpackers Hostel. She was just a high school students that work overseas to earn her school fees to study medical. We share our experienced and found out we must be grateful to study in college/uni without earning any school fees by ourselves.

 After our breakfast, we continue our to explore Fremantle. We went to the Prison of Fremantle. There offered multiple tours. The prices are between 19 AUD to 99 AUD. It was out of our budget so we just stand in front of the building to capture pic to 'prove' that we been here.
Then we continue to walk around and found out there is a path to the behind of the prison. We saw a basketball court and the design behind of the jail. We actually can see the design almost the same as the Prison TV Series.

We made a booking for car rental for next day. We were trying to find out where is the street to the car rental shop. The street were just around the Fremantle Prison. We are walking all around according to the map and found out the street was just right behind the prison.

Then we continue walk to the Fremantle Park. Our destination actually was the Fremantle Arts Centre. We pass by the Fremantle Park and saw a school there. I was just standing there looking at the school fields. The both travelmates laughing at me thought--> scanning guys in the school fields & searching for young energetic muscle guy in the field.
I left the place with disappointing because those are just kids. Haha...

After walked pass the Fremantle Park, we headed to the Fremantle Arts Centre. It was free admission. We visited the art centre and walk around. There were some pictures that we cant understand. We just walk one round and we were sitting at the park. I saw one group of photographer learning to capture picture around the centre. I saw there was free Wifi and you know...we started to play our phones. Haha...

We continue to walk back to the Fremantle Market directions. We saw
St Patrick's Catholic Church. We went there to capture picture outside. We were so thirsty and we headed to the Coles Supermarket and Woolstores Shopping Centre. We can get cheap drinks, biscuits, daily use, milk, foods and alot of stuff.

We prepared our own recycle bag in our travelling bag so we able to carry the things we bought using the recycle bag. We headed to the Fremantle Town Hall. There is a park beside the town hall. We sat there and captured alot of pics. Travelling is to having relax time without rushing to another destination. We sat at the park looking at our pictures. Looking around to see any handsome guys but most were families.
There was a room that a guy drawing inside. We had the 'Art Feel' by looking from outside the window.

 Its lunch time and we headed to Fremantle Market to search for foods. There were multiple food stores in the Fremantle Market. There was free orange juice tasting at the Alive Juice food store. We ordered Gozleme which looks like chicken wrap.
We ordered sausage bread too. We bought brocolli from the vegetables store for next day dinner. We bought cheese, salad vege, fruits from diferrent stalls. I still remember the brocolli costs 1 AUD only.

Then me ( big prawn head) forgot to bring out my transperth card in the morning.
After lunch, we went back to hostel to keep our vege & fruits into the fridge AND go to the room to take my transperth card. We were planning to go Cottesloe Beach in the evening. In order to go the beach, we have to take train so remember take your transperth card.

We went to the Shipwreck Galleries Musuem. Shipwreck Galleries is a maritime archaeolgy museum. When we were at the musuem, we were quite tired and lazy. There provided seats in the musuem. We sat there and look at the relics from ships wrecked. We sat sat here sat sat there and discussed the relics and rest a while for next destination.

We headed to the train station and sat train to the Cottesloe station. From the Cottesloe station, we had to walk for a 15 mins distance to reach the Costteloe beach. The wind from the beach freezinggg!! We went there to see sunset. Cottesloe beach is a very nice place to sit there with best friends and enjoy the beach. You can see a number of people jogging beside the beach. Kinda sad there were no sunshine boys ( its freezing, sure don't have sunshine boys ) hahaha...

After the sunset, we headed back to Fremantle. Before we came to Perth, friends kept reminding us to eat fish and chips in Perth. Well, we searched for fish and chips beside the Fremantle port. Every restaurant sell fish and chips. We just randomly pick one of the restaurant and ordered one fish and chips and one pizza. The portions were big and we 3 were so full. Ask me about the taste of the fish and chips? You try it on your own and share with me, hahaha.... I not so particular on food so I found it was nice when the fish mixed with olive oils.
Thats all for Day 2!
We actually did a budget of AUD32 per person for food per day so added up will be AUD96 for 3 persons. The hostel will be AUD 30 per person per night. We were quite save because normally we order 2 person's meal and enough for us 3. We still able to buy shampoos, biscuits, next day breakfast and veges and fruits without exceeding the budget.

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