Friday, November 1, 2013

First Backpack Trip to Perth

Me and my 2 best travel mates decided to go Perth, Australia end of June.
* because Air Asia X offered cheap flight to Perth*
We bought August flight and we left 1 month + to plan the trip.
We bought flight RM880 return flight per person.
We went for 7 Days and 6 nights.
We only spent total RM3000 include flights and everything in Perth, Australia.
For those who are planning to have a MYR3000 Western Australia trip,
I will try to post the details in this blog.
Because we are having a budget trip,
we picked backpacker hostel to stay,
we are not staying in hotel.
We share toilets with others, share rooms with others.
23 August 2013, we went to LCCT airport.
The flight was 24th August 12am - to Perth will be 5am in the morning,
total of 5 hours flight.
This is the pic we are waiting for flight.
So excited until cant sleep!
Perth we are coming!

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