Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Homemade Burger as Lunch

Today I would like to bring my own burger lunch to work.
I cut my homemade bread into slices.
The homemade bread made using breadmaker.
Then I cut the cucumber and cheese and placed on the bread.
 My mom knew I will prepare own lunch to work recently.
She cooked soy sauce meat for us.
I kept the meat in the refrigerator.
I steam the meat and steam the vegetables.
 Then I fried 2 eggs and cut into half.
Place the vegetables, egg, meat, cucumber, cheese together.
I did not refill tomato stock. So tomato missed out in this burger.
2 burger for brother and 2 brother for me.
I asked brother to add the tomato/chili sauce himself.
I am so satisfied with this lunch as rice/noodles everyday are bored to me.
Easy to do and homemade will be healthier than outside burger.
Happy Lunch :)

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  1. Your homemade burger looks delicious. One for me, please.