Thursday, April 3, 2014

Backpack Trip to Perth, Day 3 Morning

Argghh suddenly busy with work,
no time to update backpack trip to Perth,
is time to update Day 3.
We rented a car in Fremantle,
we planned to visit Farmstay in Perth,
we picked Harvey Hills Farmstay.
The farmstay located 1 and half hour away from Fremantle.
Harvey Hills Farmstay is the most expensive accommodation in our Backpack Trip.
It cost us 140 aussie dollar but we love the place most!
We bought broccoli from Fremantle Market which cost 1 Aussie Dollar.
We drive to Woolstore in Fremantle to buy Spaghetti (1 AUD), Spaghetti sauce (1 AUD),
1.5 L Milk (3.5 AUD), cornflakes (1AUD), chocolate cookies ( 1.45AUD), and drinking water.
 We bought burger as lunch and beside the E-shed market.
Then we started our journey to south of Perth.
YC applied international driving license.
She is a great driver that can drive through highways, hills, and even dessert!
We follow the gps and reached harvey dam.
The harvey dam located right beside the road to Harvey Hills Farmstay.
We three shouted: WOW! when we passby the dam just right beside the road.
We saw the hills and became so excited.
Its a beautiful day with nice weather and green environment.
Our mood became so excited.
Once we drove up the hill,
we saw alpaca right beside us.
They welcomed us beside the fences.
We shouted like mad girls in the car.

The went straight up for check in
and we been told that we are the only 3
that will be staying at this lovely hill for the night.
We became so excited when we heard it.
Our chalet is equipped with kitchen & Appliances.
3 beds and a dining table, clean toilets.
We love that place so much!

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