Monday, April 21, 2014

Taiwan Trip Day 8,9,10 Tamsui

Taiwan Trip Day 8

We walk on our own last 3 days in Taipei.
We didnt hire driver.
We sit the train and walk around the Taipei city for 2 days.
We sit train and bus to 台北101.
Its easy to ask people around for the direction, 
and their bus driver will announce through mic that we reached Taipei 101.
Compare to Malaysia bus....hmmpphh dun comment XP
 Its raining that day. So we just go for shopping and walk around the Taipei 101 that area.
They are connected to several malls. We had our lunch there.
In the noon we split to two groups,
guys went to digital mall while girls go to 五分埔.
五分埔 is a nice place to shopping.
I didnt buy anything actually caused I am fat, 
I cant just pick the shirt randomly without testing...sigh

Day 9
We sat train to Tamsui 台北淡水
We rent 5 bicycles to go around Tamsui

There is a Golden seashore.
They built a bicycle path for you to ride around.

We ride along without knowing direction and keep go explore everywhere.
We met pig in front of a shop
where they chained the pig as pet.
We follow the road sign and reached the Tamsui Fisherman's Wharf. 
There is a hotel that built like a cruise.
I bought ice cream to eat because riding bicycle under sun is really hot!

Beside the hotel, is the Tamsui love bridge.
Everyone will capture pic here and walk around the bridge.
 We just relax around Tamsui area and back to our homestay to rest.
Walk at the night market, bought some souvenirs and masks
and sleep well in the homestay for the last night of Taiwan.

Day 10 Flight back to Malaysia
and end my Taiwan Trip :)

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