Thursday, April 10, 2014

Backpack Trip to Perth, Day 6 Noon

~Day 6 Noon~
We drove from Carversham Wildlife Park to Pinnacles Dessert, Perth.
The Pinnacles are limestone formation bla bla bla.
Ok, I admit that I did not read the full articles in the Pinnacles Visitor Centre.
I am so lazy to read, I am just waiting to go to see the scenery.
 We are capturing the pinnacles with the sun to produce a sunshine photo.
This is my first time to 'dessert'.
 They both are discussing why and how the pinnacles formed
and I am busy capturing photos
We are capturing selfie with the sun and the pinnacles.
Ok, this selfie was snapped by timer of my camera.
YC and MM created a jump called: Kangaroo Jump.
Great Jump right!
 Next time to Australia remember to 'Kangaroo Jump'
 A lot of photographer came here to capture the sunset of the pinnacles dessert.
The whole journey back to Perth from pinnacles dessert are amazing,
from the beautiful sunset until full of stars.
I couldn't forget that wonderful journey.

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