Friday, April 4, 2014

Backpack Trip to Perth, Day 3

Well I am so lazy to type and describe the itinerary of our Australia Trip.
Let the photos talked about it.
Day 3
This is my favourite place of Perth Trip
Harvey Hill Farmstay

 We drove 1 n half hour from Perth to Harvey Hill
and we stayed at the Harvey Hill Farmstay for 1 night.
Once we checked in our chalet, we started to enjoy the beautiful scenery.
And Play with the cute little pony.
That 2 'naughty' girls play with pony fringe.
After we jump around and capture lots of pic of the Harvey hills.
We went to the town to buy some wine for our dinner.
 We passed by a big lake and there wrote: Harvey Dam
Oh, is a dam. We went there for a walk
and we were very very impressed of the scenery here.
I really miss the sunset of Harvey Dam. It cannot describable by words.
 We cooked our dinner. 
We cooked sausage, spaghetti, broccoli, fruit salads.
With Wine.
We stood outside our chalet 
view the stars with our wine.
Its a beautiful peaceful night - wine with stars.
Unforgettable night!
The next morning, we been lead to feed animals.
First, we went into rabbit cage and fed rabbits.
 They are adorable, right?
 Next, chickens!
My first time fed chicken *oopss, city girl*
 Machine Gun Ducks!
First time too and they ate like machine gun!
 Its Fun
We stand here and yell for donkey and horse for 15 mins,
We doesn't look like food yeah.
They use 15 mins to walk towards the fence 
and finally they were here to eat those carrots.
There are sheep, buffalo, cows,and a lot of wild animals here.
Most important we are here for alpaca.
we shouted at them for food, they ignore us!
I used corn flakes packet and shake it.
All of them rushed to us!!!!!
Oh, they like produced foods - Shake the Corn Flakes Packet and they will come to u!
 We molest the alpaca and sheep without providing them food.
Impossible feed them corn flakes right?
There are wild kangaroos at the hill.
 These 2 are in my favourites photo list of Harvey Hill.
Best Friends with Best Scenery Ever.
Best Right?
-Harvey Hill Farmstay, Western Australia- 
-Memorable Farmstay in Australia-
-I Love the Most- 

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