Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Recycle Rose from Egg Carton

My neighbor love to buy 24 eggs ( 1 egg carton )
and gave us the egg carton. 
I always throw it with feeling guilty.
Then I go youtube find out how to make
recycle rose from egg carton.

My first try to do the rose.
You just need to type ' recycle rose + egg carton' in Youtube.
And there are a number of videos for you to learn.
It is hard at first, but after you did a few. 
You start to have achievement and fall in love with it.
I made 1 row of roses from the egg carton and what I haven't do is
paint the rose.
I will do tat in future.
You can stick on your photo frame, cards, or give as a bouquet to someone you loved.
You may try it out *DIY*

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