Friday, April 11, 2014

Backpack Trip to Perth Day 6 Night & Day 7 Morning

~Day 6 Night~
Back from Pinnacles Desert, we headed back to Perth City.
We saw a restaurant on the first night we reached Perth 
and we are eager to go to!
That is Jamie's Italian Perth.
Wuhooo I cant hide my happiness to ate in Jamie Oliver's Italian Restaurant.
I cant remember what dishes we order because I am too excited. sorry >.<
We had well controlled our meal budget every day 
so we did save an enough amount to pamper ourselves
at the last night in Perth.
After dinner, we went to shopping in the Woolworths Perth.
I bought a lot of Tim Tam and biscuits(snacks) in the Woolworths.
Coles and woolworths offer cheap stuff if you need to purchase daily product
like we bought milk, cereals, drinking water, biscuits.
Its cheap compared to Malaysia.
We are trying the auto paying machine/self paying machine
like a kampung girl. my first time XP
We rented the car that was full tanked oil,
in order to fully utilize the money we spend,
we go round the Perth city.
We went to King's Park to have a great night view of Perth.
Its freezing and we 3 walk like a stiff duck around the Park.
After reached the Backpacker Hostel,
MM watching sin chan cartoon and 
we placed Koe beside her to watch together with her.

~ Day 7 Morning ~
The last morning in Perth, 
we went to a coffee cafe and had our breakfast.
Couldn't remember the cafe name.
We went for a walk at the city 
and bought some souvenirs while waiting for bus headed to airport.
 MM donated to charity and get a bear.
We kept playing bear and koala in the airplane like a kid.
Finish my first backpack Perth trip!

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