Thursday, April 17, 2014

Taiwan Trip Day 4 Night Qing Jing

Taiwan Trip Day 4 Night
Qing Jing 清静
I purposely write this night a blog story because its really special restaurant.
Its in Qing Jing Taiwan.
This restaurant is 清静玛格丽特花园紫屋餐厅
 The design and environment is very nice!
 Their restaurant had unique design.
Feel warmth and happy.
Every place is nice to take photo.
There is a swing that made your mind relax.
 Girls will like it so much!
Guys, this is a great place to go for dating in Qing Jing!
 We used alot of time busy capturing photos
while waiting for food to come.
This is a good place to drink tea.
 Qing Jing is a quiet town that best for relax your mind.

You can sit here with your best friends and had a deep talk!
 The food here is ok and the price is affordable.
Maybe is more pricy that what we had in normal restaurant.
But the environment is worth it for girls*
If you are bringing kids/girlfriend to qing jing,
this is a relax, warmth, unique restaurant to go.

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