Monday, April 14, 2014

Taiwan Trip Day 3 Yilan

Taiwan Trip Day 3

Morning we went to Yilan 宜兰
Yilan Dong Shan River Park宜兰东山河公园

 It is a park to walk around and capture pic with friends.
We were here stop for 1 hour.
We planned to rent a bicycle but its too expensive for an hour ride so we gave up.
If you dislike relaxing at the park, not recommended to go, is a river with normal park. :)

We headed to Nan Fang Ou to have our lunch.
Its a fishing village with fresh seafood. 
We had fish noodles and its yummy!
You can enjoy a small fishing village ocean view and enjoy the seafood.

We were on the road most of the time. 
Enjoying the seaside view along the road.
The seaside view is fantastic.
Right side is mountain and left side is sea side.
Natural View Day to relax your mind.

This highway is the direction towards Taroko Gorge National Park.
We capture a number of pictures with the impressive seaside view and mountain view.

We headed to beachside named seven star.
The wind of the seaside is impressive.
Chilling and Cool.
Then we headed Hua Lien to stay one night.

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