Sunday, April 20, 2014

Taiwan Trip Day 6 Sun Moon Lake

Taiwan Trip Day 6 Sun Moon Lake
Morning went to Sun Moon Lake 日月潭国家公园
Waited at the port for boat.
Boat Riding at the sun moon lake.

Eat the Herbal Tea Egg in the middle island.
Capture with the sun moon lake stone that everyone will capture with it.
Famous stone..haha
Next, cable car to Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village九族文化村
 Visited the 9 different original culture of Taiwan 
 There is a theme park for us to play.
There are roller coasters and those riding that you can find in fun fair.
There are motion master short movie too.
Family can spend their time visit the cultural village,
and their children will have fun at the theme park.
There is a 'castle' actually is a restaurant.
The design is so western.
I am too free waiting for the driver to come fetch us.
So I jump here and there in the park XP
At night, we went to Feng Jia 逢甲夜市
and stayed in Feng Jia for 1 night.

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