Friday, April 18, 2014

Taiwan Trip Day 5 Qing Jing

Taiwan Trip Day 5 Qing Jing
The homestay aunty told us that 5am there will be sunrise.
We waited patiently at 5am and the sun rise at 7am
We at there keep scold aunty behind her (>.<)
 First location, Evergreen Grassland青青草原
Beautiful Hill Scenery
Sheep Feeding 
Horse Ride Performance and Horse Feeding Time 
Souvenir Shop 
Qing Jing Farm 清静农场
Next location, Small Swiss Garden 小瑞士花园
We only capture outside the Small Swiss Garden.
We didnt pay entrance fee to go into the garden.
We only capture photo at the restaurant.
Paper Restaurant & Bee Restaurant
Next,The Old England老英格兰
Is a restaurant, we just stand outside to capture picture
The middle of Taiwan,puli 普里
We just capture pic with the rock.
This place is the middle of Taiwan haha
 Next, Sun Moon Lake 日月潭
Lao Zhang call us climb the staircase.
Its 365 steps, every steps represent a day.
You can find your birthday on the steps of the staircase.
p.s: january is the bottom! congrats jan baby! :P
There is a temple opposite the staircase.
Can go there for a walk.
Went to a hotel to stay in sun moon lake to stay one night.

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